Illustrations, photographs, fashion and imagination tell a story that will inspire and entertain - with Boris & Harriet


Mona Lucero

Mona Lucero is a Denver, Colorado clothing designer in love with both fashion and art. Mona's designs range from playful to sophisticated. She is Boris's go-to girl, having created his raincoat, king's cape, and his vintage inspired dress for Harriet.

Mischka Aoki

Mischka Aoki is a luxury brand for children. The Australian label is known around the world for it's exceptional craftsmanship and haute couture designs. The team at Mischka Aoki beautifully handcrafted 4 dresses for our fashionista, Harriet.

Topo Designs

Topo Designs is an outdoor retailer specializing in backpacks, bags, apparel and accessories. All high quality Topo Designs goods are available worldwide and are made in the USA. Topo created Boris's beloved backpack for the big race.

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